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HVBDC Event Announcements

Deaf Missionary

Missionary Frank I. Laurent

Missionary Frank Laurent, who graduated from CBDC. He is currently in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. His email address: franklaurent@betheldeafministries.org. Here is his prayer letter to download: June 2011 July 2011, August 2011, September 2011, October 2011, December 2011, February 2012, April 2012, August 2012, September - December 2012, January - April 2013, May - July 2013, August - October 2013, and December 2013 - March 2014.

If you would like to provide him with some financial support for his current work in Tanzania, please send money to Missionary Frank I. Laurent c/o Baptist International Outreach, P.O. Box 587, Jefferson City, TN 37760.  Their phone number is: (865) 262-0900 (v). Missionary Frank's account number is #382.

CBDC's New Online Offerings

The online courses CBDC is offering is listed below. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in taking one or two online courses, or take all of them. The online program begins on November 18, 2013. Old Testament Survey I Western Civilization History English 101 Bible Manners & Customs Evangelism Let me know if you are interested, then do contact me at hvbdc@aol.com for more information. And by the way it is not too late to sign up, so go ahead and do it.

For more details, please check our CBDC Home page under the Baptist College Link on the menu or click at: http://www.deafbiblecollege.com.

For Gallaudet Students and Visitors

We are aware that some of Gallaudet students live off campus and for some visitors, it isn't always convenient to show up and wait for the red van to arrive at Benson Hall on Sunday mornings. If for whatever reasons you cannot show up at Benson Hall, we do provide transportation (a silver car, Dodge Stratus) for pick up at Glenmont Metro Station (on the red line). However, the transportation is only provided on call, meaning that we do not make regular trips to Glenmont Station. At this time, the transportation is only provided for Sunday mornings. For the evening services, you are on your own.

To be picked up at Glenmont Metro Station, you must be there by 9:45 am, and the transportation will depart without waiting for you, so show up on time. You must contact us first at least two days before Sunday. There are two ways you can contact us:

By videophone, contact Pastor Buchholz at (301) 476-0446, or Dan Nemeth at (301) 476-0466. By email, contact us at hvbdc@aol.com

If no one contacts either Pastor Buchholz or Dan Nemeth (he is responsible for the pick ups), there will be NO transportation to Glenmont Metro Station. It is YOUR responsibility to contact us. We are not responsible for any missed calls. Make appropriate plans ahead of Sunday worship services.

Easter Service

April 20, 2014

Brother Marc Langerman and Brother Mark Richmond along with Pastor Terry Buchholz will conduct special Passover Service during Sunday School to explain how Jewish Custom is applied to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection in honor of Easter.

Please come and be thankful for Christ's sacrifice and resurrection from the Dead during Easter.

ZVRS Training Session

April 26, 2014

ZVRS Training Session will be held at HVBDC Modular Building from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

ZVRS will be responsible for advertising the event and providing refreshments. Please come and join us to learn more on how to use the ZVRS product such as Z5 on your mobile phone, iPad, and tab devices.

Supper and Campfire Fellowship

April 27, 2014

We will have Supper and Campfire Fellowship outside HVBDC Modular Building from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Please come and join us to enjoy some campfire style food, s'mores, and fellowship with us before Sunday Evening Worship Service.

Baptism Service

April 27, 2014

We will have Baptism Service scheduled to follow after Sunday Evening Worship Service.

Please come and join us to partake in the Baptism Service to watch, believers who are not ashamed to be Christian and be baptized to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for everything He has done for us.

Brown Cleaning Crew Day

May 3, 2014

Let's continue helping us clean up our fellow hearing Church (HVBC) Main Audience, Bathrooms, Classrooms, and Hallways from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Please come and help us clean up so they can be ready to worship on Sunday with cleanliness and style for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Breakfast & Orange Juice Fellowship

May 4, 2014

We will have our fifth Breakfast & Orange Juice fellowship of the Year 2014.

Everyone, please join other members to have a marvelous Breakfast & Orange Juice Fellowship as an opportunity to get to know us better.

VBS Meeting

May 4, 2014

We will have our first VBS Meeting around 4:30 PM to help us prepare for our VBS Program later this coming Summer.

For these people who loves to work with kids during VBS Program, please come to the meeting to help us prepare for VBS.

Mother's Day

May 11, 2014

We will have a special Sunday Morning Worship Service to honor mothers who have worked so hard to raise her children for the Lord's Glory.

Please try your best to invite your mother to join us to worship with us on this special day.

Taco/Burrito Potluck

May 18, 2014

We will have potluck following Sunday Morning Worship Service. Tacos & burritos will be served.

Please come and join us for warm fellowship.

Ice-Cream Feast

May 25, 2014

We will have ice cream feast after Sunday Morning Worship Service.

Please come and join us for a delicious ice cream fellowship. And enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday as well.

Brown Cleaning Crew Day

June 7, 2014

Let's continue helping us clean up our fellow hearing Church (HVBC) Main Audience, Bathrooms, Classrooms, and Hallways from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Please come and help us clean up so they can be ready to worship on Sunday with cleanliness and style for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Home of the Directory of Deaf Churches/Ministries. We also have Directory of Missionaries as well.

Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church

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